Sh2_205 HaRGB

Sh2-205 – HaRGB

Sh2-205 is a diffuse nebula, visible on the border between the constellations of Perseus.
In the long exposure photos it appears as a tenuous nebula elongated in a north-south direction, on a star field obscured in several places by the presence of a system of unlit gases and dust; it is located on the southeastern edge of a heavily obscured region of the Milky Way, evident even to the naked eye as an interruption of the luminous trail that from Cassiopeia continues towards the Auriga. The cloud has an irregular and rather elongated shape, with brighter parts in the northern sector, where there is a thickeningly brighter greater, and at the southern end, at a region rich in white and blue stars.

  • Costellation: Perseo
  • AR: 03h 49m 36s – DEC: +48° 58′ 55″
  • Distance: 2.930 ly


Shooting  Details

  • Optics:                      Takahashi FSQ85ED
  • Mount:                      EQ6 Skywatcher
  • Camera:                    QSI 683 WSG-5
  • Accessories:             Lodestar, USB_Focus V3
  • Cooling:                    -20°C
  • Filters:                      Astrodon Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2 HaLRGB
  • Exposure:                HaRGB bin1 600″x300″x300″x300″x300″ [61x26x24x25]
  • Flat-Dark-Bias:       15-19-201
  • Integration:             16.4 h
  • Date:                         October 8/9/23/26/27th, 2019
  • Location:                  Own remote observatory
  • SQM-L:                     21.10
  • Software:                 PHD2, Voyager, Pixinsight, PS
  • Note: